Assigned Email Manager

What is Assigned Email Manager (AEM)?

Assigned Email Manager (AEM) will be a program that stops emailed spam.

When will AEM become available?

Independent Inference, Inc. (Indinfer™) are currently developing this software. We are not close enough to any release date to provide a release date. This could be several months to more than a year or two.

AEM will be a better kind of spam filter?

No! Definitely not. AEM will not be a spam filter. Testing has shown that the actual method that AEM will use will stop almost all spam.

Why Do Spam Filters Do Such a Poor Job?

Spam filters often have false positives and false negatives. False positives are emails that are not spam that a spam-filter declares to be spam. False negatives are emails that are spam that a spam-filter declares to be non-spam. True positives and negatives are the emails that the filter correctly identifies. False positives and negatives are emails that the filter gets wrong.

False positives and negatives means that you cannot trust a spam filter. Allowing a spam filter to automatically delete spam risks that you could never see emails that are important to you. And even then, some spam gets through to you.

AEM will use a completely different method. And so far in testing, false positives have yet to occur and false negatives have been very rare.

The actual method that AEM uses is a trade secret.

The Other Way: Get Spammers Shut Down

AEM doesn’t use this method either. The method of getting spammers shut down will be described. And then will be explained how ineffective it is.

There are some organizations that make easy the reporting and shutting down of spamming operations. And indeed, they do make it very easy to report and spammers get shut down fast. In our experience, within hours. Here are some links about reporting spam.

Indinfer (Ron Lewis) interjection:

Theoretically, if you can get enough people acting as spam cops to shut down spammers, the spam cops not only benefit themselves, but benefit everyone — except, of course, the spammers. Spam should become very rare.

“ tell me,” says Indinfer. “Has spam become rare?

“From what I’ve seen, you tell a spammer to stop. Or even stronger, you get the spammer’s web hosting service to ‘suggest’ maybe he should stop. Or even stronger than that, you get the spammer’s web hosting service to jerk the spammer’s website off the Internet.

“Okay, the spammer stops emailing you scams, worthless remedies, dubious business deals, etc. from that one domain name. But then without missing a heartbeat, he continues to spammin’ you from another domain name. (That's a reason that professional spammers register 100’s of domains en bulk (pardon my French), so they don't have to pause their business to register another domain to continue spammin’ you. Or sometimes the one spammer does remove you from his list — while automatically sellin’ your email address to some other spammer. Or, he stops spammin’ you from one on his companies, automatically transferring you and continuing to you from another one of his shell companies.

“Thus, I have personally not seen the spam reduce for more than a day or two, after which the volume of spam most always increases to more than it ever.

“From what I've seen, spammers just don’t stop.”

Spam Robs You of Your Time

Because spam-filters have false positives (the filter thinks the email is spam when it is an email you want to see), you must spend time checking every rejected email. Maybe Mom's email was rejected. Maybe your friend's email. Maybe the government's.

So, while slightly reducing the time you spend looking at emails you don't want, filters don’t work well enough. Bayesian although working much more automatically to learn which emails you consider spam. Even Bayesian filters do not work well enough.

Being a spam cop is indeed rewarding. You get such a warm feeling of serving justice on spammers that you get shut down. But results? Actually, your volume of email trends upward, continuing to increase, even as you shut down many spammers.

About This Site

As might be apparent, thinking is that eventually this site will be used to inform about and promote AEM. For now, this site is being used behind the scenes to develop AEM.

Who We Are

AEM is under development by Independent Inference, Ind. (Indinfer™)

For more information about Indinfer, see The website of Independent Inference, Inc. (